(Cross Promo) How an OH podcasting company saved hundreds of thousands of dollars using AWS

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February 25, 2019 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Wright Brothers Institute - 2nd Street
444 East 2nd Street
OH 45402
Jim Masonbrink

Learn how an Ohio based podcasting services company has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past 12 years using Amazon Web Services.

Blubrry Podcasting, a leader in the podcast services industry started using AWS in 2007 to solve scaling challenges. The change not only provided the infrastructure necessary to complete in the podcasting industry but also saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As Blubrry Podcasting made the transition to AWS it found server resources were much less expensive, better utilized, and ended the need for traditional server administration staff. Since Blubrry’s move to AWS development has changed to incorporate AWS features and resources which has allowed the company to grow exponentially while costs remain linear. Today Blubrry provides one or more services to over 100,000 podcasts by utilizing many of the features provided by AWS including Route53, Lambda functions, API Gateway, ELB, MapReduce, RDS – Aurora, and more.

Presented by Angelo Mandato of Blubrry Podcasting.

About Angelo Mandato:

Angelo is a co-founder and the CIO of Blubrry Podcasting since 2005. He has a background in software development with a bachelors in Computer Science from Kent State University. Angelo is experienced with development on many platforms and languages including Amazon Web Services, C++, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Android, iOS, and Roku. Angelo’s Free time is spent with family, friends and restoring a 1981 Trans Am.

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